3 encoder counting board for RS232 serial line


Technical features:

  • Eurocard standard format
  • Requested power supply: 12Vdc
  • Interfaced with standard RS232 serial line, at 19200 baud
  • Speaker included
  • High speed hardware latch input and signalling led
  • Manages 3 axes, each with:
    • 1 incremental encoder input 3 signals (A quad B + index signal)
    • Optical reader error segnal
    • Travel limit input (TTL level)
  • Maximum counting speed: 6MHz
  • Encoder inputs: standard differential 5V RS422, on request 12V single-ended
  • Encoders power supplied by card, with self-recovering fuses.
  • Internal counting width: 32 bit (+-2 billions of pulses)
  • Interpolator x4
  • All inputs ESD protected
  • Firmware can be updated from internet

Included software:

Windows Test program (140 KB)

Documentation download

  • Manual (.pdf format, 214 KB)
  • Include file for C programming language, with messages' description (12KB)